What makes PC Games Network different?

We run our own website so we understand the difficulties you face as a publisher. We'll never run an ad on your site that we wouldn't run on our own.  That means no spam, no adult content, no autoplay audio and definitely no pop ups.

We carry premium campaigns from nearly every major games publisher and hardware brand. We specialise in high-quality games ads and have access to high-impact campaigns that are impossible to get anywhere else.

You'll have heard a lot of buzzwords in advertising technology - phrases like 'programmatic advertising', 'header bidding' and 'private market-places'. We work all these routes to squeeze every little bit of value from every ad unit.

We're 100% transparent about how we work and what revenue share we take. We'll always provide you with a breakdown of how much you should be making each month by ad type, not give you unrealistic promises of over-inflated earnings.

We're flexible and happy for you to test us in line with other networks so you're sure we're the best fit for you.

We'll work with you to come up with a contract that suits your needs, even if that means you don’t want a contract at all.


How much can I make?

We only ever take an ad if we can beat your current AdSense rate, so everything we do should make you more. We can usually outperform your AdSense by about 50-100%, but we write our estimates based on 32% as our minimum expectation. To get an idea what this means for you, just multiply your AdSense revenue by 1.32 (or for the higher estimate, double it).

If you want a more accurate quote then drop us an email with some traffic numbers and give us an idea of your current AdSense revenue - we'll then build you a realistic quote with no obligation on your part.

At worst you might find out you are doing really well already; at best we might make you a significantly larger amount of money.